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Künhoferstraße 22



Micro apartments in Nuremberg

microliving very close to lake wöhrder

Tiny but shiny: microliving stands for a modern lifestyle in a central urban location with unrestricted privacy. The small, smart apartments from SCHULTHEISS Wohnbau AG at Künhoferstraße 22 in Nuremberg pick up on this trend in an exemplary manner.

The unique selling point of this new project are 25 micro-apartments with apartment sizes from 18 to 23 square meters. The units have modern features such as high-quality floor coverings and a bathroom with a walk-in shower. Upon request, each apartment can be equipped with a high-quality kitchenette and fully fitted furniture. Compact balconies turn the apartments into open-air living spaces. Each unit is supplied by a broadband cable connection, and fast Internet is available from the start via an in-wall access point. As a real estate investment, micro-apartments require a manageable amount of capital and are therefore also perfect for beginners.

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Floor plans

Available Units

A01 | ca. 18m²
A02 | ca. 21m²
A03 | ca. 20m²
A04 | ca. 22m²
A05 | ca. 18m²
A06 | ca. 18m²
A07 | ca. 21m²
A08 | ca. 20m²
A09 | ca. 22m²
A10 | ca. 18m²
A11 | ca. 18m²
A12 | ca. 21m²
A13 | ca. 20m²
A14 | ca. 22m²
A15 | ca. 18m²
A16 | ca. 18m²
A17 | ca. 21m²
A18 | ca. 22m²
A19 | ca. 18m²
A20 | ca. 18m²
A21 | ca. 21m²
A22 | ca. 20m²
A23 | ca. 17m²
A24 | ca. 17m²
A25 | ca. 18m²
Micro apartments Künhoferstraße

city ​​living on the city beach

Veilhof is a modern residential area and benefits from an excellent urban infrastructure. Only a few minutes' walk from Künhoferstraße is the north shore of Lake Wöhrder with a sandy beach, promenade, benches, sunbathing lawns and the “Café Strandgut” café. The local recreation area is crossed by several footpaths and the Pegnitztalradweg. In addition, a calisthenics facility near the Seecafé extends the range of sports on offer at Lake Wöhrder.

In Veilhof there are numerous restaurants, bars and cafes, as well as small shops to browse and discover. For daily life there are supermarkets, bakeries, drugstores, pharmacies and medical practices in the immediate vicinity. Close to Künhoferstrasse, the art-house cinema “Metropolis Filmtheater” shows films outside the mainstream, some of them in the original.

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Microapartment NurembergKünhoferstraße 22
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Model objects SCHULTHEISS Wohnbau AG

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